Marking Systems

Marking Machines for Automatic Identification and Traceability of Industrial Parts

Marking Systems from Technifor include: laser, micro-percussion and scribing machines, that can be used as a stand-alone machine or easily integrate into an existing manufacturing process. These machines can be used in any application from car and automotive parts manufacturers, precision mechanics, medical, aeronautics and many more.

Technoifor Laser Family

From highly precise applications to solutions with harsh environments, these easily integrable or station laser marking machines can be easily be installed on new or existing production lines.

Technifor Dot-Peen

Dot peen marking machines allow for industrial engraving of texts, numbers and Datamatrix codes, using excessive speed, point by point.

Technifor Scribing

Scribing marking machine allow for powerful and silent industrial markings, using a continuous line, which do not create chips or noise.

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