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From highly precise applications to solutions with harsh environments, these easily integrable or station laser marking machines can be easily be installed on new or existing production lines. With the wide offering of laser marking systems with a range of technologies and powers, we can find a solution to meet your requirement.

Technifor Fiber Laser


Designed for integration into production lines

  • Compact : Approximately the size of a piece of paper, it can be integrated into any orientation on a production line or a robot arm.
  • Industrial design: Sturdy cast iron construction, IP54 marking for protection against liquids and dust, safety shutters, integrated alarms, and controls.
  • Powerful : High energy, for fast and contrasted marking
  • Total Connectivity : Communication tools are available to adapt and communicate within any environment.
Technifor Hybrid Laser


Combines the benefits of multi-diode pumping,  robustness of the Technifor monobloc design, and unique properties of the DPSS laser technology.

  • Plug-n-Mark : Turnkey system with no wiring constraints.
  • Versatile: With a wide range of frequencies.
  • High contrast: High peak power creates a great laser-material interaction.
  • Total Connectivity: Communication tools are available to communicate and adapt with any environment.
Technifor Green Laser


Designed for integration into production lines.

  • “Cold” marking: Ideal solution for marking soft materials and sensitive components.
  • Micro marking: Small 2D Data Matrix codes,  precise removal of thin layers of coating. Ultra-thin beam generates exceptional marking quality. Can be used on the most detailed logos.
  • Unique: Marks materials that are not reacting or reacting poorly to other infrared wavelengths: from raw plastics to ceramic to the most translucid and reflective metals.
  • Total Connectivity: Communication tools are natively available to adapt and communicate with any environment.
Technifor CO2 Laser


Designed for integration on production lines.

“On the fly” marking: Numbering, barcodes, 2D Datamatrix codes, optical characters, dates and DLC etc. The laser system adapts to the needs and  cadences, including the stopping and restarting of production lines.

Ecological: Clean operation, without ink deposits or solvent emissions.

Encoding information a variety of materials: From wood, rubber, leather, glass, ceramic, plastic, PET, painted metal and anodized aluminium, and more.

Total Connectivity: Communication tools are natively available to communicate with any environment.

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