Cat Track Assemblies

Whether you refer to Cat-Tracks as energy chains, drag chains, hose carriers, cable carriers or cable and hose carriers, these units are typically an integral part of the motion functions of production and are subject to wear. Over time, Cat-Tracks and the associated cables and hoses can become damaged, which can lead to costly, unscheduled production downtime.

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The Electro-Matic Integrated (EMI) Track Team is uniquely positioned to assist you in keeping production equipment utilizing Cat-Track assemblies up and running. We can assist you with the design and supply of populated Cat-Track assemblies for new machine build, legacy replacements or machine upgrades.

New Machines

Manufacturers of Machine Tools, Packaging Machines, Material Handling Equipment and Automated Production Machines are under pressure to supply their products faster and at lower costs. As a result, many manufacturers have transitioned to a modular build mode of production. Cat-Track assemblies can easily be design in a modular format, making for easy installation in a modular production format. The Electro-Matic Integrated Track Team can assist in the design of fully populated Cat-Track modules and the production of these units in accordance to just in time delivery schedules.

Legacy Replacement

Demanding production environments, poor designs and cumulative cycle times for Cat-Track assemblies can lead to premature wear of cables, hoses and energy chains, which can lead to unscheduled production outages. Identifying potential failure points and timely replacement of legacy Cat-Track assemblies is critical to preventing unscheduled production downtime. The identification of excessive wear and potential failure points can be accomplished via Wellness Checks performed by the experienced members of the (EMI) Track Team.

Machine Upgrades

In order to maximize the return on investment on production equipment, automation upgrades can be an economic means to enhanced ROI by prolonging the useful life of machines, while achieving efficiencies and reducing support costs. The EMI Track Team can assist in Machine Tool upgrades involving the use of Siemens SINUMERIK NC automation.