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Matrix 210N

This Datalogic 2D reader offers extreme reading performance and integrated Ethernet in a compact housing. With a WVGA image sensor, capturing up to 60 frames per second and powerful internal illuminator, the Matrix 210N™offers dynamic reading capability.

The unrivalled decoding libraries running on a new high speed hardware platform deliver superior reading robustness and impressive decoding rates, supporting high system throughput which inproves efficiency of productions. The on-board Ethernet makes the transfer of both reading data and captured images, easily uploadable on external PCs or servers. The Green Spot, projected onto the scanned object, provides real-time feedback of the reading status without any additional supervisory softwares.

The Matrix 210N is best used in these applications: access control systems, electronic PCB assembly process, DPM reading and verification, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing and packing.

Features & Benefits

  • High performance on dynamic reading applications
  • Integrated Ethernet
  • Ultra compact dimensions
  • Direct and 90° window models for smart mounting
  • Outstanding decoding capability on 1D, 2D, Stacked and Postal symbologies
  • X-PRESS™ for easy and intuitive setup
  • Optical aiming system
  • 10 to 30Vdc power supply
  • USB connectivity
  • ID-NET™ embedded high speed connectivity
  • Featuring new DL Code Software

Matrix 300N

Datalogic’s Matrix 300N™ is a ultra-compact image based bar code reader designed for performance on high speed and Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications. This imaged-based ID bar code reader combines a high resolution sensor with ultra-fast image acquisition: 1.3 megapixels, 60 frames per second. The optical system uses a liquid lens module for the electronic control of the focus, thus offering an automatic focus adjustment without the addition of moving parts.

The Matrix 300N image based ID bar code reader has been developed and best used by these industries: manufacturing, electronics and automotive, which include: DPM code calidation after marking, parts and assemblies traceability, and work in progress control. Food and beverage, which includes: document processing, high speed process control, and work-in-progress traceability. Also used in clinical lab automation, and medical for medical device traceability, biomedical analysis machines, and specimen collection machines.

Features & Benefits 

  • High performance DPM reading
  • Ultra-compact reader
  • Power over Ethernet Option
  • Fast and high resolution image sensor: 1.3 megapixels, ‘true’ 60 frame/s
  • Liquid lens electronic focus control
  • Integrated dual illuminator: dark field/bright field
  • Precise dual laser aiming system
  • Extreme Industrial grade: IP67, 0-50°C operating temperature
  • Featuring new DL Code Software

Matrix 410N

The Matrix 410N; is a flexible,modular, and versatile compact bar code 2D reader for industrial applications embedding 1.3 and 2.0 megapixel sensors. Matrix 410™ image-based ID bar code reader features excellent performances in reading and verifying, easy setup and use, extreme flexibility, high versatility and industrial strength. This product series is best used in these applications: PCB assembly process, DPM reading and verification, electronic product tracking, tire sorting, food & beverage, and medical device traceability.
Features & Benefits

  • Modular design
  • 1.3 Mpx (1280 x 1024) @ 27 FPS CMOS sensor
  • 2Mpx (1600 x 1200) @ 15 FPS CCD sensor
  • C-Mount lens
  • Red and white LED illuminators
  • X-PRESS™
  • Pointing system & Good read spot
  • Linear and 2D Symbologies
  • Code Quality verification
  • Featuring new DL Code Software


If you are looking for a high-end industrial 2D reader designed for logistic applications, the Matrix 450N, from Datalogic is what you need. Through 5 million pixels captured 15 times in a second, MATRIX 450N™ enables a range of applications never covered before by a 2D-imager. This image-based ID bar code reader meets the requirements of both manual and automated material handling. The MATRIX 450N is a perfect solution for high speed transportation on small and middle size conveyors. Multiple reading attempts are no longer needed, with this scanner: the large area coverage in a single shot permits the highest throughput and maximum ease of use.

The ID-NET™ readers clustering permits the reading area for single-side and multi-side applications. Captured image are stored on-board and optionally transferred to external supports through the integrated Gigabit ethernet connectivity. No moving parts, rugged metal construction, iP65 enclosure rate and operative temperature up to 50°C guarantee a long life cycle, great for harsh industrial environments.

The applications best used for the high-end industrial 2D Matrix 450N are: Reverse Logistics, automatic and manual Postal Sorting, loading and unloading, Induction Lines, Multimedia and Flats, Order Fullfillment, and Static Scan.

Features & Benefits

  • 5M pixels image sensor, 15 FPS
  • Gigabit Ethernet Integrated Connectivity
  • Adjustable focus through C-Mount lenses
  • White and Blue lighting options
  • Continuous, no-flashing Lighting
  • Colored spot indicators
  • Outstanding decoding capability on 1D, 2D, Stacked, Postal symbologies
  • Region Of Interest Windowing for higher frame rate
  • Blue Diamonds™ aiming and focusing system
  • X-PRESS™ for easy and intuitive setup
  • ID-NET™ embedded high speed connectivity
  • Featuring new DL Code Software