The Turck BL ident RFID systems contain three parts: the tag, transceiver and the interface. Tags can be active (require a battery) or passive. These tags contain internal circuitry that responds to a specific radio frequency that is provided by the transceiver. The transceiver, which is often called a reader or antenna is responsible for communicating with the tag. The interface is the means of communicating the data to a higher level data collection device such as a computer or a programmable controller. RFID in the industrial environment enables customers to improve accuracy, provide faster production speeds and minimize errors, as well as achieve substantial cost savings from both a material and labor standpoint.

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BL ident® – Interfaces

  • Modular concept (BL20 and BL67) with up to 20 channels of RFID per gateway, standard I/O options can also be included
  • Read/write heads can be installed up to 50m from the RFID I/O card
  • Versatile and simple fieldbus connection (PROFIBUS®-DP, DeviceNet™, CANopen, PROFINET®, Modbus® TCP, EtherCAT®, EtherNet/IP™)
  • Programmable gateways using IEC61131-3 based programming software for distributed or independent control
  • Single gateway and RFID I/O slice for UHF and HF applications

BL ident® – Read/Write Heads

  • Robust industrial design based on field-proven housings
  • Fully encapsulated design for IP67, IP68 and IP69K environments
  • Several HF options available for flexible read/write ranges, mounting configurations, and environments
  • Shielded serial communication to the fieldbus level allows for remote mounting up to 50m
  • Compact UHF read/write heads for long-range applications
  • Hazardous location options available

BL ident® – Data Carriers

  • Housing sizes as small as 7.5 mm
  • Economical EEPROM data carriers for unlimited read applications
  • FRAM data carrier for high-speed transmission and nearly unlimited write applications
  • High temperature, -40 °…+300 °C
  • Data carriers for autoclaves, water-vapor tight up to +121 °C
  • Direct mounting on metal
  • Customer specific solutions based on open and international standards (ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-6C)