Open Mini Disconnects

This is an open transformer with a box attached to the top of it. These units contain all UL and CSA marked components, and have a range of options to customize to your requirements. Available with 500VA to 3KVA transformers in an wide variety of voltages.

Mark Puddy
Mark Puddy

Mark Puddy


Open Mini Transformer Disconnects

Partial list of models available. Please contact us with additional options.

Part Number Description
EMLD3F2GW1P2 500VA 480/120 with Duplex
EMLD3F2GW4P2 500VA 480×120 less Duplex
EMLD3F3GW1P2 750VA 480×120 with Duplex
EMLD3F3GW4P2 750VA 480×120 less Duplex
EMLD3F4GW1P2 1KVA 480/120 with Duplex
EMLD3F4GW4P2 1KVA 480/120 less Duplex
EMLD3F5GW1P2 1.5KVA 480/120 with Duplex
EMLD3F5GW4P2 1.5KVA 480/120 less Duplex
EMLD3F6GW1P2 2KVA 480/120 with Duplex
EMLD3F6GW4P2 2KVA 480/120 less Duplex
EMLD3F8GW1P2 3KVA 480/120 with Duplex
EMLD3F8GW4P2 3KVA 480/120 less Duplex
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