Stationary Industrial Scanners

Stationary Industrial Scanners

Stationary Scanners are fixed scanners that are made for applications that are not permanently monitored by operators. Examples include: bar code reading for track & trace, Omnidirectional stations for sorting and tracking, Image processing for inspection and quality control, OCR and OCV for verification.

Matrix 120

Ultra-Compact Industrial 2D Imager

Matrix 120™ is the smallest industrial 2D imager that fits into any integration space.  The Matrix 120 imager leads the market for ease of use and has the highest industrial grade in its class. Multiple models of the Matrix 120 imager allow it to cover an extensive range of applications in OEM and Manufacturing industries.

Matrix 220

High-Performance Compact Industrial 2D Imager

The Matrix 220 imager is the most compact image-based bar code reader for top performance with the highest flexibility, with a 1.2 MPixel high resolution sensor and a multicore image processing platform. This imager is perfect for reading barcodes marked with DPM because of its innovative lighting solutions with an integrated flexible illumination system.

Matrix 300N

High Performance Compact Industrial 2D Imager

The easy to use Matrix 300N™ is an ultra-compact image based bar code reader designed for performance on high speed and Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications. The Matrix 300™ combines a high-resolution sensor with ultra-fast image acquisition: 1.3 megapixels, 60 frames per second. Matrix 300N™ features a variety of optical models, with manual focus position control or electronical.

Matrix 410N

Medium Range 2D Reader

Matrix 410N™ is an industrial 2D imager for traceability applications in material handling and logistic environments. The reader is equipped with DL.CODE software tool for setup and control, and with an ultra-fast image sensor, scanning at 2.0 MPixels, with a frame rate of 45 fps. This imager is flexible, and easily configurable as single device reading station or in a multiple device layout, able to scan over larger areas or multiple sides.

Matrix 450N

Extended Range 2D Reader

Matrix 450N high-end industrial 2D imager is designed for logistic applications, meeting the requirements of both automated and manual material handling. The reader is equipped with DL.CODE software tool for setup and control. The DL.Code software tremendously improves the ease of setup and use. This is a top performing 2D imager with superior reading performance, providing higher customer productivity with reduced labor costs.

XRF 410N

Medium Range 2D Reader

The out of the box, XRF410N™, is named for its extended Reading Field, is a solution based on the new Matrix 410N™ platform for material handling and sortation in the logistics industry with transportation speeds up to 2.2 m/s (433 fpm) for medium sized objects, with typical scanning depths of 400 mm (15.7 in.). The XRF410N™ is the perfect solution for e-commerce small object automated order fulfilment systems or postal logistics flats sortation applications.

STS 400

Medium Range 2D Reader

STS400™ is Datalogic Automation state-of-the-art solution for tire sorting. This reader is pre-assembled and calibrated, integrating into a tire sorting system quicker than ever. In less than one hour, with no special tools or training, the STS400™ can go from the shipping carton to reading tires in the production line. The STS400 is extremely compact and delivers top reading performance with simplicity of installation and maintenance.