TURCK is a world leader in automation technology with a diverse and broad product portfolio that provides customer specific applications with high performance, reliable and cost effective solutions. The synergy in our product portfolio and customization flexibility are key components of our value proposition. Our expertise spans across two major industry categories: Industrial Automation and Process Automation. Each weighs in with its own unique requirements and methods of conducting business. This market centric approach ensures that we develop application specific solutions across a variety of vertical market segments.

TURCK is your global, customer-oriented premium partner for reliable, industry-specific automation solutions. With leading-edge technologies, wide knowledge and direct proximity to our customers we optimize your long-term success. Providing more than 15.000 sensor, interface, connectivity and fieldbus technology products, as well as HMI/PLC solutions and RFID systems, TURCK offers highly efficient solutions for factory and process automation.


TURCK is a worldwide leader with the industry’s broadest line of industrial connectors, cables, and cordsets products. Our high quality product line is ready to meet your connectivity needs. Your “specials” are our “standards” and “fast” is built into every product.

  • Standard Cordsets – M5, M8, M12, M23, M27
  • MiniFast – B & C size
  • PowerFast – M16, M23, M40
  • Network – Ethernet/IP, Profinet


TURCK is the market leader in providing innovative sensor and connectivity solutions for industrial automation. Combine TURCK‘s high quality, high performance sensors with our ability to quickly mold multiple styles of cordsets give our customers an infinite selection of unique connectorized sensing solutions.

  • Inductive
  • Capacitive
  • Measuring
  • Flow
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Level


TURCK‘s Industrial Ethernet Multiprotocol technology for Distributed I/O delivers a reliable solution across hardware platforms. The unique technology allows users to employ one device for three protocols – EtherNet/IP™, Modbus™ TCP and PROFINET® – creating easier integration with host systems. Multiprotocol is designed to operate consistently across all TURCKdistributed I/O product families, including on-machine, in-cabinet, modular and block I/O applications.

  • AIM On-Machine Block I/O
  • BL67 On-Machine Modular I/O
  • BL20 In-Cabinet Modular I/O
  • BL Compact On-Machine Flexible Block I/O


TURCK’s flexible RFID solution, BL ident, was created to offer a solution for industrial RFID applications while retaining the flexibility of standard I/O solutions. BL ident allows you to order RFID in the same package as you are used to, as slices for distributed I/O. The TURCK BL ident solution allows for easy integration into existing control systems and supports all of the major networking protocols providing an all-in-one industrial RFID solution for whatever your application demands.

  • BL ident® – Interfaces
  • BL ident® – Read/Write Heads
  • BL ident® – Data Carriers

Linear Displacement Transducers

TURCK’s new Q-track linear position sensor operation is based on the RLC (Resistance Inductive Capacitance) principle and incorporates an advanced microprocessor and precisely positioned emitter and receiver coils on a printed circuit board. The emitter coils are excited with a high frequency AC field. The interaction between the moving position element and the receiver coils creates different voltages that are induced into the receiver coils which determines the position of the target.

  • A robust aluminium housing for stable mounting
  • Snap-on extruded plastic housing (PC)
  • IP 67 rating: The plastic housing is sealed with end caps
  • Two circuit boards to separate sensor elements and signal processing unit

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