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Lapp cables

The LAPP GROUP has long been recognized as a global leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of feature rich industrial cables. Quality, durability and performance in demanding applications are what customers of the LAPP GROUP have become accustomed to. The LAPP GROUP cable products are specifically designed for a wide range of industrial applications, such as, automotive tooling, food and beverage production and packaging, oil and gas and more. These products are designed to meet a broad range of approvals and ratings, such as, TC-ER, continuous flexing, torsional flexing, VFD and high temperature.

LAPP has the knowledge and experience to aid customers in the selection of the right cable for most applications. LAPP’s support staff can assist in the selection of cables for control signal and power applications, torsional flexing robotic applications, cable and hose carrier (drag chain or energy chain) applications and more.


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