Te.Co. was founded in 1982 from a client-focused business idea: to provide special electrical cables that are tested, homologated, cut to measure using high precision systems, that are always in stock and deliverable within a few hours.

An idea of service where the customer’s desires have already been satisfied and are just waiting to be sent.

An idea where special cables comply with the regulations and standards of international markets -because a project may start in Italy but then have to travel all over the world.

Fulfilling and even anticipating desires: this is what we have been doing for more than 35 years, with more than 1,350 special cable codes available in stock and with additional articles that we have conceived, designed and patented specifically for you.

This is why we focus continually on the know-how of our resources, the search and study of new technologies and materials, as well as the strictness of mechanical, electrical and chemical tests that are carried out in our laboratories so that when you express a desire this is fulfilled exactly as you want.


Website: www.tecoit.com

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