Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Cable

For many diverse reasons, variable frequency drives (VFD) are finding increased use in motor applications. Whether it be just for motor speed and torque control or energy efficiency, variable frequency drives are easy to justify.

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When establishing a variable frequency drive system, most of the selection process centers around the motor and the VFD with little attention given to the interconnecting cable. A well designed VFD cable can make the difference between a safe, reliable system and one that can lead to unwanted process downtime.

Electro-Matic Integrated, Inc. can assist you in the selection of optimally designed cables that will insure the reliability of your variable frequency drive system.

Flexible VFD Drive Cable

Part Number Conductor Size # of Conductors OD (mm) Jacket Color Jacket Type Cable Weight (lb/ft)
700700 16 AWG 4 12.9 Black XLPE 0.160
700701 14 AWG 4 14.8 Black XLPE 0.196
700702 12 AWG 4 16.7 Black XLPE 0.258
700703 10 AWG 4 18.0 Black XLPE 0.320
700711 14AWG + 1PR/18AWG 4 + 2 17.4 Black XLPE 0.252
700712 12AWG + 1PR/18AWG 4 + 2 19.1 Black XLPE 0.294
700713 10AWG + 1PR/18AWG 4 + 2 20.3 Black XLPE 0.354