Servo Motor

Servo motors and servo drives are finding increasing use in machine control applications where precise speed and position control is required. In order for these servo controller/drives to effectively control servo motor performance, quality servo motor power and servo motor feedback cables are necessary.When the servo motion control application requires servo motor power and feed back cable assemblies with short delivery times, non-standard lengths, unique installations, high performance in harsh, demanding applications Electro-Matic Integrated, Inc. can meet your needs.

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Whether you are building your own or you require a fully tested assembly, built in accordance with IPC-620, Electro-Matic Integrated can assist you. We carry a variety of M15, M17, M23, M40, Speedtec, Motion Connect, Locktec and Springtec connectors.

Additionally we maintain a significant inventory of servo motor power, servo motor power with brake pair, servo motor feedback and drive cliq cables.

Electro-Matic Integrated produces Servo Motor Power and Servo Motor Feedback Cable Assemblies that work with these market leaders in servo motion control:


Third Party Servo Motor Cable AssembliesHow do you source servo motor cable assemblies?

Cut costs and improve design with third-party servo motor cable assemblies.