Circular Metric Connectors

Electro-Matic Integrated, Inc. has been supporting the North American servo motor and motion control marketplace since 2006, by supplying the TE Connectivity Intercontec brand of servo motor power connectors, feedback connectors, encoder connectors, data communication connectors and servo motor hybrid connectors. As the North American Master TE Intercontec distributor, we stock both the circular metric, fully threaded M12 – M58 connectors as well as the extremely reliable, quick change Speedtec connectors.

The TE Connectivity Intercontec circular metric, motion grade connectors are ruggedly reliable, easy to use/assemble and designed specifically to provide superior shielding, grounding and environmental protection. The rugged, reliable, technically superior Intercontec servo motor connectors, are successfully applied in many harsh motion control applications and commonly found on robotic, machine tool, material handling, wind turbine and production equipment.

Watch: TE Connectivity’s INTERCONTEC Connectors Product Portfolio Video

TE’s INTERCONTEC product portfolio connects servo motors to servo drives and controls, as well as to robotics and machinery, enabling reliable operation, while reducing installation time and downtime. TE’s INTERCONTEC connectors help to provide a variety of solutions for power, signal and data – or all combined.

Dave Bousfield

Dave Bousfield

Circular Connectors
Circular Signal


  • M15, M17, M23 Plugs and Receptacles
  • Wide variety of contact inserts
  • Suitable for use with wide variety of servo motors
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Circular Power

Power Connectors

  • M15, M17, M23, M40, M58 plugs and receptacles
  • Wide variety of contact inserts
  • Suitable for use with a wide variety of servo motors
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Circular Hybrid

Hybrid Connectors

  • M23, M32, M40 plugs and receptacles
  • One connection solution for power, data, signal
  • Suitable for use with a wide variety of servo motors and power tools
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Circular Power M23-923

M23 Connectors

  • Intercontec M23 Power, Signal and Hybrid connectors
  • Offered in both M23 x 1 threaded and SpeedTec versions.
  • Wide variety of contact inserts and customizable options
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