EMI Now Distributing Entrelec Terminal Blocks

EMI Now Distributing Entrelec Terminal Blocks

Electro-Matic Integrated is pleased to be distributing the TE Connectivity Entrelec brand of terminal blocks in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

The Entrelec line of din-rail mount terminal blocks and accessories was acquired by TE Connectivity from ABB in August of 2018. Entrelec has been associated with quality and innovation for control and signaling and industrial automation connections.

Enrelec offers space-saving industry standard din-rail mountable terminal blocks in various colors, functions and connection technologies that carry worldwide approvals.

Here are some Entrelec product offerings Electro-Matic will be stocking:

SNK Series Terminal Blocks

  • 50% Smaller footprint than former spring type.
  • Asymmetric design making backward rail placement easily detectable and avoids short circuit.
  • Flat marking surface allows identification prior to snapping on markers.
  • Certified for Global Application.
  • 20% larger marking area.
  • Common Accessories amongst all SNK terminal blocks.

PI-Spring Terminal Blocks

  • PI-Spring can be used as a Push-in or traditional spring connection.
  • 26 AWG up to 4 AWG.
  • Push-in mode allows direct one-step insertion of solid and flexible stranded wires with a ferrule, 50% faster than standard screw clamp technology.
  • Using spring mode, little effort is required to open the spring clamp with a screwdriver and insert the wire, which does not need a ferrule. The screwdriver locks in the terminal block after insertion, freeing up hands to manipulate wires or circuit drawings.

Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks

  • The TE Connectivity screw clamp technology is designed to avoid accidental releases due to vibrations, shocks or abusive cable draw.
  • The screw clamp technology can fit up to two conductors per clamp which offers extended possibilities in electrical cabinets.
  • From 24 AWG up to 500 Kcmil.

Pluggable Terminal Blocks

  • The pluggable technology allows “plug and play” connection. It enables productivity savings, wiring optimization thanks to serialized pre-wired plugs harnesses, as well as secured final commissioning.
  • From 26 AWG up to 10 AWG.

DBL Series Power Distribution Blocks

  • From 80 A up to 550 A (IEC).
  • Modular blocks: single pole, three & four poles, up to 12 outputs.
  • Terminal blocks types:  2 to 10 poles, up to 20 outputs.
  • Save up to 50 % rail space compared to conventional distribution bars thanks modular compact design.
  • Reduce assembly time by 80 % compared to conventional systems.

Accessories and Marking Solutions

  • 50% reduction of part numbers via common accessories between screw, spring and push-in technologies.
  • All SNK terminal blocks can be marked on both sides using universal terminal marking tabs.
  • Plotter systems available to mark all Entrelec terminal block markers.

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