Linear Displacement Transducers

Linear displacement transducers provide precision measuring accuracy to save wear, breakage, downtime and cost

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TURCK’s new Q-track linear position sensor operation is based on the RLC (Resistance Inductive Capacitance) principle and incorporates an advanced microprocessor and precisely positioned emitter and receiver coils on a printed circuit board. The emitter coils are excited with a high frequency AC field. The interaction between the moving position element and the receiver coils creates different voltages that are induced into the receiver coils which determines the position of the target. To increase speed and accuracy, TURCK designed the linear position sensor with two different coil systems. The first coil system is for coarse measurements, while the second coil system is used to determine the fine position. An advanced microprocessor circuit analyzes the resulting signals producing a measuring system with very high linearity and repeatability. The Q-track linear position sensor is available in 100 mm increments from 100 mm to 1,000 mm in length. Depending upon the series selected, the sensor is available with 12, 16 or 20bit accuracy.

  • A robust aluminium housing for stable mounting
  • Snap-on extruded plastic housing (PC)
  • IP 67 rating: The plastic housing is sealed with end caps
  • Two circuit boards to separate sensor elements and signal processing unit

Product families

  • LIU5 – Standard Resolution
  • 0-10VDC & 4-20mA
  • 12 bit, RA: 25 um (0.0009843”)/ 100mm
  • 5 pin, M12 eurofast
  • SSI – Enhanced Resolution
  • up to 25 bit, RA: 10 um (0.0003937”)
  • 8-pin, M12 eurofast
  • I/O link – Enhanced Resolution
  • Analog with 2 programmable outputs
  • Up to 16 bit resolution